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Chemotherapy treatment Gift Basket for children with cancer can help reduce the side effects Chemotherapy that can be especially frightening and overwhelming for children. Rock the Treatment™’s designed special cancer gift baskets for childrento help them cope with the difficult treatment period. Packed with activities, books, snacks, anti-nausea treats and body products all to help comfort and heal. Each basket also has cuddly friend that could be heated or cooled to help the aches and pains and also keep them company during this scary time. These cheerful baskets are designed with the littlest cancer patients in mind.

Read some more about the "THINGS WE ROCK" in our children’s cancer treatment gift baskets:


Lindi Skin – Lindi Skin is a premier skincare manufacturer that formulates clinically-proven skin products specifically designed to soothe and relieve the effects resulting from cancer treatment.  It is unscented as chemotherapy patients are often sensitive to smell.

Dionis Goats Milk Lip Care – Infused with nourishing honey and goat milk and filled with antioxidants Vitamin E, this lip balm will soothe and smooth dry lips.

Queasy Pops - Made from all-natural herbs and essential oils and developed by health care professionals, these drug-free lollipops are a tasty way of helping provide relief from nausea associated with chemotherapy treatments. Queasy Pops also serve to alleviate dry mouth, another common problem associated with chemotherapy.

Chemo Caps - These super soft hats hand-knit with love exclusively for Rock the Treatment, will help keep the scalp comfy and warm.

Hand Sanitizer – This moisturizing hand sanitizer will help keep hands clean and germ free – which is critical since  Chemotherapy reduces the body’s ability to fight germs and infection.


Book - The Bald Headed Princess – What is a girl with cancer to do? Will her friends still want to hang out with her? Can she play soccer? And what about school? How will she manage homework from home and the hospital? Can she please get back to a normal life? Isabel learns that having cancer is just awful, but it can’t change who she is. With the support of her friends and family, along with her courage and fabulous sense of humor, she gets through the side effects, the scariness and the baldness of cancer and chemo.

Book - Imagine a Rainbow – Through a series of beautiful illustrations that engage all of the senses, this book asks the child to imagine several things to cope with the pain. Some are calming, some are delighting, some are empowering, some are inspirational. As a group they are intended to introduce the child to the skill of using imagery to refocus the mind away from pain. A note to parents discusses the pain management and guides parents in teaching imagery and deep breathing to their children.

Activity Book & Craft Projects – Books include a variety of different games, puzzles, and “search and find” pictures. Complete with 48 assorted colored crayons complete with built in sharpener. These craft projects are designed to include everything you will need to complete the project, and will not take an excessive amount of time or concentration as not to frustrate the child.

Spa Comfort Pocket Critter – These adorable pocket sized pals filled with natural grains, release delicious aromatic scents and can be used in many ways to warm the heart. They may be heated to be used as cuddle buddies or hand warmers, or they may be frozen to be used to soothe bumps and bruises. The grain pack can be removed for easy cleaning.

Magic Towel – Place in water and watch this fun little package grow into a fun, brightly designed face towel. Washing up will never be a problem again!


Jelly Belly Bean Boozled – Think you can tell them apart? You might not know when you will be “bean boozled” by a weird flavor. Bean Boozled jelly beans come in 20 flavors, 10 weird and wild flavors matched up with 10 look-alike tasty flavors. Is the blue colored bean Toothpaste flavor, or is it delicious Berry Blue. This pack makes for a lot of flavorful fun.

Fruit Snacks – These enjoyable snack packs, made with real fruit juice, are high in vitamin C and are Gluten free and low in calories.  And they are fat free.

Whistle Pop –  Both a candy and a toy. Just give a whistle! These whistle pops delight children and adults alike with whistle-shaped cherry candy that you can blow like a real whistle. Adjust the plastic stick to change the pitch and make your own merry melodies. You’re in for a hoot!

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