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  • Chemotherapy Gift Basket for Male Chemo Patients. It’s packed with lot of items to lift the patient’s spirit and reduce the side effects of chemo treatments – small size. Order Online today.

Men's Small Chemo Basket


Product Description

This men's chemotherapy gift basket is packed with indispensable items that will help ease the side effects of chemotherapy treatment. It is designed especially for the male cancer patient. Every item in this basket has been chosen for a specific purpose, whether it's helping ease the nausea of chemotherapy, nourishing the skin or keeping the mind occupied during treatment this basket will provide the essentials needed to help him…ROCK the TREATMENT™!


Lindi Skin Body Lotion– Lindi Skin is a premier skincare manufacturer that formulates clinically-proven skin products specifically designed to soothe and relieve the effects resulting from cancer treatment.  It is unscented as chemotherapy patients are often sensitive to smell.

Lindi Skin Face Serum - Formulated with the highest concentration of our LSA complex - replete with botanicals, antioxidants and vitamins. This serum provides beneficial moisture and ultimate comfort to compromised skin on the face, neck and chest.

Biotene – Biotene oral rinse greatly assists in combating the very common side effect of dry mouth. It also gently cleans and soothes minor mouth irritations commonly experienced by chemotherapy patients. 

Queasy Pops- Made from all-natural herbs and essential oils and developed by health care professionals, these drug-free lollipops are a tasty way of helping provide relief from nausea associated with chemotherapy treatments. Queasy Pops also serve to alleviate dry mouth, another common problem associated with chemotherapy.

Puzzles - Many chemotherapy patients lack the concentration to read a book during treatment, but they want to focus their mind. These assorted puzzle books and brain teasers are the perfect solution for mindless concentration.

Peppermint Candy – This simple familiar peppermint candy serves many purposes. It helps calm nausea, eases headaches and soothes dry mouth associated with treatment.

Sandwich Crackers – It’s very important not to take medication on an empty stomach. This can be difficult for chemotherapy patients as they are often nauseous. These individually wrapped snack packs are the perfect on-the-go solution, as these crackers help offset nausea while providing protein that can help boost energy.

Dark Chocolate Covered Pomegranate and Acai Berries – Dark chocolate and these “super” berries both are well known for their powerful antioxidants. They provide a yummy way to help boost the immune system. 

Jelly Belly Cocktail Collection – These little “mocktails” serve to sweeten the day. Strawberry Daiquiri, Pomegranate Cosmo, Peach Bellini, Pina Colada, Mojito, and Margarita -- all the flavors of delicious cocktails - without the alcohol! 

Product Reviews

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  1. Gift Basket

    (Posted by B.B. on 20th May 2016)

    A close friend ,recently became a chemo patient. The emotional highs and lows along with discomfort made the initial treatment days very tough. I found Rock the Treatment through an Internet search and am so pleased. My friend was surprised and it provided some happy smiles!

    Thank you!


    (Posted by Laura on 10th Mar 2015)

    My dad started chemo today and I am miles away..ugh. Thank you for having a site with something so meaning and purposeful to send!

  3. An Amazing TIME SAVING Company with A Great Spirit

    (Posted by Laney Liner on 23rd Nov 2014)

    I am excited to meet the owner (Stacy) of this AMAZING business, Rock The Treatment, in person one day as she truly made me look like a rock star to my family friends who are new to the cancer journey -- a journey in which I am familiar (in general) as I am a breast cancer survivor. The products that were contained in my order were the exact ones requested by Memorial Sloan Kettering so my friend didn't have to go out and spend her precious time buying them for her husband. This saved her an extra trip and I look it as her being able to spend more quality time with her husband who is going through treatments vs. having to race around to stores. The gift was graciously received and they were thrilled which makes me SMILE. Thank you Stacy for creating such a WONDERFUL brand. Your company will help so many people who are touched by the cancer journey because you make their lives just a little bit easier during a difficult time. Wishing you A SUPER DUPER amount of SUCCESS. Kudos to you for being the KIND person you are Stacy. I am honored to know you and truly look forward to our future meeting in person. All tbe best, Laney

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