Encourage Your Friend or Loved One with One of our Little Somethings

Beyond our curated baskets, we also offer a couple of our own original creations that are designed to be nice, thoughtful, and useful gifts for a friend or loved one undergoing treatment.

Two of the most important things for cancer patients is that they stay mentally engaged and hopeful about their future. It can be easy, when undergoing treatment, to become depressed, unfocused, and frustrated. Who wouldn’t? Cancer is a shock to anyone who is diagnosed with it, and there’s a lot of anxiety and fear that comes along with that diagnosis.

That’s what all of our gifts, including these little somethings, are designed to help with – keeping their mind active and their spirits lifted.

It can be amazing how much a small act of kindness can mean to someone undergoing treatment. Beyond the physical and emotional difficulties, many patients also worry that others will see them differently, that they might not treat them the same. Which is why it’s of the utmost importance for family and friends to rally around to show their love and support, giving them the encouragement and motivation they need to keep going, even with it gets difficult.

Of course, part of a gift’s value is in the thought beyond it, but it’s that much better when it actually serves a useful purpose. One of the best things for cancer patients is to have healthy, creative means of distracting themselves when they need to get their mind off their situation, which is why we designed DISTRACTivities. We also created a warm knit hat that will not only keep them warm but remind them to fight the good fight.

Pick the one that’s best for you friend or loved one and show them your love and support! They both work great as standalone gifts or in addition to one of our specially curated chemo and radiation baskets.