Affordable Strategies for Looking and Feeling Your Best While Receiving Cancer Treatment During Quarantine

If you’re receiving cancer treatment during the pandemic, you’re not only dealing with the stress of the coronavirus — but also side effects such as anxiety, fatigue, and body-image concerns. While some side effects can be managed with medications, good nutrition, and gentle physical activity, looking and feeling your best is rarely easy when you’re undergoing treatment for cancer — especially in the midst of a pandemic. However, there are some things you can do during quarantine to manage your side effects from home — even when you’re on a budget.


Take Advantage of Online Yoga Classes

According to medical experts at Verywell Health, yoga can help to improve some physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of cancer — including pain, fatigue, anxiety, and emotional distress. Plus, yoga could help you to sleep better at night and maintain a higher quality of life.

If the coronavirus outbreak is keeping you from your in-person yoga classes, you can still practice at home by taking advantage of the many free online classes that are available. Through websites like yoga4cancer, for instance, you can take free online classes that have been created specifically with cancer patients in mind.


Try CBD for Anxiety and Pain Relief

In addition to practicing yoga from home, cannabidiol (also known as CBD) could help to calm your cancer- and coronavirus-related anxieties — and alleviate some of the pain you may be experiencing as a result of your treatment. By using a quality product containing CBD, you could feel calmer, less stressed, and more relaxed — especially during an emotionally challenging time like we’re in now. However, keep in mind that CBD and marijuana are not the same thing. CBD will relax you, but it won’t produce a high like marijuana would.


Prepare Nutritious Meals at Home

When you’re receiving treatment for cancer, it can be difficult or even impossible to prepare your own meals and consume a well-balanced diet — especially on the days you’re feeling fatigued and nauseated and don’t have much of an appetite. However, it’s important to consume a nutritious diet before, during, and after your cancer treatment, and to avoid processed foods and additives as much as possible. The American Society for Nutrition (ASN) recommends nutritious foods such as whole grains and beans, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean meats like poultry and fish.

To look and feel your best while receiving treatment during quarantine, you can use many foods from your pantry to create healthy, well-balanced meals from home. For instance, several wholesome meals that use budget-friendly items from your pantry include:

  • Skillet rice.
  • Empty-the-pantry stew.
  • Canned soup and toasted sandwiches.

To avoid going to the store during the pandemic, you could use grocery delivery services to order the foods you need as you undergo treatment for cancer. Some of the cheapest grocery delivery services include Amazon Prime Now, Instacart, and FreshDirect.


Shop for Self-Care Products

When you’re coping with treatment-related changes to your body, a few new self-care products could help to improve your body image during this challenging time. For instance, Rock the Treatment sells gift baskets for men, women, and children receiving treatment for cancer — complete with things like face serum, lip treatments, hand sanitizer, and nourishing hand lotion.

During cancer treatment, some new makeup, clothing, and undergarments could help to improve your body image as well. Plus, you’ll save on your purchases if you use deal sites like Rakuten to look for cashback offers from Rakuten stores before placing your order. Several participating retailers include Renee Rouleau, Mack Weldon, and KORA Organics. However, Rakuten is always partnering with new retailers, helping you to save money on all your online purchases.


A Final Word

The coronavirus outbreak is an especially challenging time when you’re undergoing treatment for cancer, but these budget-friendly strategies can help. By taking advantage of online yoga classes, trying CBD, preparing nutritious meals at home, and splurging on self-care products that help you to look and feel your best, you’ll alleviate some of your worries and anxieties while improving your body image at the same time.

Written by:
Cheryl Conklin
Wellness Central

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