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Asking Oncology Nurses: What Helps Cancer Patients Deal With Treatment?

I asked some nurses, “what do you think is the most important thing a patient can bring to chemotherapy that can help them physically and emotionally?” Two of the three oncology nurses I spoke to at Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center provided the same answer: “A positive attitude!”

These wonderful nurses treat patients every day with a variety of cancers. Some of the patients have been receiving treatments for years. Others are just beginning their battles with this devastating disease. This particular group of professionals, firmly believes that anything that can help cancer patients maintain a positive attitude has real, visible results. The people who find ways to laugh, engage themselves, and keep their surroundings comfortable, rebound faster than those who make no effort. Staying positive while undergoing chemo is, of course, easier said than done.


Nurses Share: Items that Help Patients With Cancer Feel Good

When asked, “To maintain a positive attitude, what items do you see as most helpful to the patients who come to chemotherapy?”, these are some of the answers the nurses gave:

  • Their own favorite blankets, pillows, and hats
  • “”Lucky”” objects
  • Items that remind them of their family
  • Comfy slippers or socks
  • Soothing music and headphones
  • Vehicles for engagement and entertainment such as iPad and computers

One nurse explained that “anything a patient can bring that provides them with comfort, should accompany them to treatment. We have had people surround themselves with framed pictures, hold their favorite stuffed animal, rub crystals, and wear their lucky boots.”

She added that she and the other staff members try hard to help patients stay positive by engaging in and encouraging attentive listening and checking on them frequently during their treatments.


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