December Cancer Awareness

Cancer Awareness Calendar for December

The American Cancer Society has a calendar that brings attention to different cancers and promotes cancer-related events each month. December is the month that the organization looks back on the year’s events and ramps-up it’s fundraising to ensure they meet or exceed their goals.

Their December calendar includes a look at:

  • The Year-end Giving Campaign
  • The Year in review- looking at the significant victories in cancer research and treatment
  • The announcement of a new Board of Directors
  • Healthy holiday meal ideas and recipes


The End of 2019 in Cancer: Victories and Defeats

For a variety of cancer research and support organizations, December is designated as a month to look back at the successes and failures of the year. It is a time to celebrate victories and mourn losses while looking ahead to another year of fundraising, research, and treatment studies.

As organizations such as the American Cancer Society continue to educate, fundraise, promote awareness, and hold events, perhaps there will be more victories than defeats in the years to come.


Cancer Does Not Take a Holiday Vacation

It is especially important to note that cancer treatment does not stop during the holidays. Be sure to remind the people you know who are battling cancer that you are thinking of them.

Consider sending a gift box designed to help heal their minds and bodies during cancer treatment. Visit or call us at 516-690-7009 for more information about our gift boxes for cancer patients.



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