Easing Nausea and Vomiting from Cancer

Easing the Nausea and Vomiting that Accompany Cancer Treatment

When you are receiving cancer treatment, unfortunately, the medicines that are saving your life can have some nasty side effects. Mouth sores, diarrhea, numbness, and hair loss can all be part of the process of cancer treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation also cause nausea and vomiting.

If you or a loved one is undergoing therapy for cancer, some things can help you with nausea and vomiting that may accompany or follow treatments. Chemocare.com provides the following suggestions to help manage the side effects of chemo and radiation treatments:


Ask Questions

Ask your nurses or doctors about what to expect from the treatments you are getting. Are they likely to induce vomiting? How long will nausea and vomiting last? Ask about your options for anti-nausea medications, and when you can take them, so they are most effective.


Drink Fluids

Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking liquids throughout the day. Avoid caffeine. Ask about hydration during your treatments and get suggestions on how to stay hydrated.


Eat Small Snacks

Eating small snacks throughout the day of treatment can help you avoid becoming too hungry, which can worsen nausea. Eating dry foods like crackers or toast in the morning can also help. Avoid heavy, greasy meals before treatment. Sucking on ice or candies or chewing gum during chemo can help keep nausea at bay.


Find Distractions

Try to find ways to relax during treatments. Soft music, a funny movie, or a friend can help you stay calm. Being calm can help you work through bouts of nausea and lessen your anxiety about vomiting.


Speak to Your Medical Practitioners About Your Side Effects

Speaking to your doctor or nurse about your nausea and vomiting is crucial. While the above recommendations may part of the advice they give, they have a world of knowledge and resources that may be able to help ease your discomfort. Keep your practitioners informed, ask questions, and find out about the many ways you can treat these side effects of chemotherapy.


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