Honoring National Cancer Survivor’s Day

Honoring Cancer Survivors on National Cancer Survivor’s Day

June 7, 2020, is National Cancer Survivor’s Day (NCSD). It is a day set aside to celebrate the lives of cancer survivors and provide inspiration for cancer patients who have not yet completed their own success stories.

National Cancer Survivor’s Day is sponsored by the National Cancer Survivor’s Day Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization. According to its website, the foundation “provides free guidance, education, and networking to hundreds of hospitals, support groups, and other cancer-related organizations that host NCSD events in their communities. Through National Cancer Survivors Day®, the Foundation works to improve the quality of life of cancer survivors by raising awareness of the ongoing challenges of cancer survivorship.”

NCSD is the first Sunday in June, and this is its 33rd year of celebrating the nearly 17 million cancer survivors in our country. The day is an opportunity to gather the community, celebrate survivors by hosting educational events, fundraisers, speakers, letter-writing campaigns, and other activities to honor survivors. NCSD also works hard to educate the public on some of the hardships that survivors experience. Even when someone is in remission or cured, the effects of cancer can still be felt.


Cancer Survivors Face Challenges

It might seem hard to believe that surviving cancer poses a new set of challenges for many. Despite feeling grateful, relieved, and lucky, cancer survivors are often left with a slew of emotional, physical, and financial issues that can be difficult to navigate.

  • Insurmountable out of pocket medical expenses
  • Denial of health insurance claims
  • Chronic pain
  • PTSD
  • Chronic fear of relapse
  • Inability to get new health insurance coverage or life insurance
  • Unemployment-difficulty finding or holding a job
  • Anxiety and depression


Cancer Survivors Often Require Continued Support

As any caregiver knows, the goal is to have your friend or family member survive cancer. Getting through the treatments, the physical side effects, and the emotional toll is all worth it when the outcome is a long, healthy life. But, according to sources, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), caregiving does not stop when treatments do.

Cancer survivors struggle with the financial hardships, physical and emotional battles mentioned above. Most cancer survivors need some continued support after treatments end, and life returns to “normal.” Caregivers may find themselves providing help and comfort for longer than expected.

The Cleveland Clinic offers these tips for caregivers to help them provide support for cancer survivors:

Understand the long-term effects of cancer and treatment, taking them seriously- Consider your friend may feel tired, uncomfortable, depressed, or anxious and allow them to set the pace for all activities.

Understand that they are very fearful of their cancer returning – This may or may not be something your friend wants to discuss.

However, it can be helpful for you to provide him or her with a safe space for venting and listening or suggest a support group or the name of a doctor.

Listen – You don’t need to have a solution for everything.

Show up and do something you know is helpful – You don’t want to be intrusive, but sometimes it just helps to do something without waiting to be asked or getting permission first. It will take time to resume all “normal” activities, so tell your friend you will be making dinner for her family, tell your friend you will drop off the dry cleaning on your way home from work.

Be on the lookout for PTSD and signs of depression – If your friend continues to struggle to resume daily activities, get out of bed, or find any pleasure, contact a doctor or enlist the help of other loved ones.

Be sensitive to body-image and self-esteem issues – don’t underestimate how upsetting it can be when hair grows in differently, or scars create self-image problems.


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