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Staying positive, like many things, is easier said than done.

Especially if you or someone you love is struggling through cancer treatment, it’s really hard to stay focused on positivity.

But therein lies one of the most important parts of maintaining a positive attitude: focus.

Our mindset, after all, is largely determined by our focus and attention. Wondering about the what-ifs of our futures and the ways in which things can go wrong is a natural thing to do, but it can be easy to allow these thoughts to take over our minds.

So how do you fight negativity? How do you stay focused on the positive, beautiful aspects of life, particularly when struggling with a serious disease?

Here are some effective strategies that work.

Write It Down

We all know that we have things in our lives to be grateful for, but it’s all too easy to take these for granted and instead focus solely on the things that we wish were different and better.

But, as the saying goes, the grass is always greener…

So, I encourage you to write down a few things that you’re grateful for each night. Whether that be your family, your job, your pets, your house or apartment, the food on your plate, or whatever else – no matter how big or small.

This helps you stay focused on the things that are going right, and it gives you space to imagine what your life would be like without these things. Ultimately, this makes it a lot more difficult to take these things for granted.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Distraction

Distraction often seems like a negative thing because we confuse it with ignoring.

When we ignore things, we’re often not properly processing things in our lives and dealing with them head-on.

But we all need a break, and diverting your attention to things that allow you to simply enjoy the simple things in life is a great way to turn the negativity off.

Whether that be reading, watching TV or films, solving sudoku puzzles, crocheting, writing, or whatever it is that you enjoy doing in and of itself, simply spending time away from your analytical brain can be very beneficial.

Spend Time with Positive People

Sometimes the source of our negativity isn’t our own brains – it’s the people we’ve chosen to surround ourselves with.

While it’s a great thing to love and appreciate someone even in the midst of their downer attitude, you have to be honest with yourself about the effect they’re having on your own emotional well-being.

For more help on how to handle toxic relationships, check out our blog post How To Remove Toxic People from Your Life.

Give Yourself a Reality Check

Sometimes our negativity can fester, causing it to become more severe over time.

Oftentimes, this is because of the stories we tell ourselves about our lives and futures. Instead of taking a positive outlook, we assume that the worst is likely to happen, causing us to become drowned in the effects of negative outcomes that have never even come to fruition.

It’s important to learn to catch yourself in these moments, choosing to realize you don’t know how things are going to turn out and there’s no reason to fixate on possible negative outcomes.

Sometimes it can even help to imagine that you’re having a friend struggling with the same negative thoughts. What would you tell them? Would you say that they were probably right and that there’s no hope? No! You would encourage them to focus on positive outcomes and ideas. So why treat yourself any differently?

Give the Gift of Positivity with Our Curated Gift Baskets

We understand the difficulty of staying positive when life throws you a curveball, and that one of the most important things during this time is to be surrounded by people you love who genuinely care about you.

If you know someone who’s receiving treatment for cancer, consider getting them one of our gift baskets, which is sure to bring a sparkle to their eyes.

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