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Do Your End-of-Summer Skin Cancer Check

As August drags on, the days are getting a bit shorter, the evenings a bit cooler. The stores are filled with back-to-school items. Summer’s end is almost here.

The end of summer signals more than just colder weather. It means it is time to do your end-of-summer skin cancer check to make sure you didn’t do excessive damage all those days at the beach or pool or enjoying backyard fun!

The best thing you can do is get regular skin checks by a health care professional, especially if you have a family history of skin cancer or other risk factors. If you notice something on your skin that is unusual or concerning, make an appointment right away. Many freckles or moles are not skin cancer but might be pre-cancerous. The sooner you have them checked and taken care of, the better your chance of staying healthy.

In the meantime, the end of Summer is a perfect time to perform a skin cancer self-check, especially if it has been a while. You should be doing skin cancer self-checks every month!


Skin Cancer Self-Check – What to Look For

According to the American Cancer Society, you should look for certain things during your skin check. Finding one or more of these does not mean you have cancer, but you should see a doctor to learn more.

During your skin cancer self-check, look for:

  • A spot, freckle, or mole that’s new or changing in shape, size, or color
  • A new area of skin soreness, itchiness, or pain
  • A skin sore that bleeds or does not heal
  • A rough bump on your skin
  • A dry or rough red area on your skin that is perhaps crusty or bleeding
  • A new, changing, lump, bump, growth, or spot anywhere on your skin
  • A mole with an irregular or asymmetrical shape or uneven edges
  • A mole that is not one uniform color
  • A mole that has color, redness, or swelling spreading outside the area of the mole
  • Changes on a mole’s surface such as oozing, bleeding, scaliness, or the growth of a new lump or bump on it.

Remember, if you find anything on your skin that is new, different, or concerning, make an appointment to see a doctor.


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