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Breast Cancer Breakthroughs

breast cancer

Breast Cancer Breakthroughs are Helping Women Survive

Cancer research is ongoing, and it is always nice when breakthroughs occur. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) published information in October about six new advances that are having positive effects on the treatment of breast cancer. The article states, “Women with breast cancer may benefit from new breakthroughs in chemotherapy whether they have early-stage or advanced disease.”

The areas of advancement, as summarized by Tiffany Traina, Clinical Director of the Breast Medicine Service and Section Head of the Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Clinical Research Program at MSK include:

Determining Who Needs Chemotherapy: There are new genetic tests that can help determine the likelihood of a patient benefitting from chemo. Many women with breast cancer will not need it.

Different Approaches to Treatment: Doctors are reconsidering the order of treatment. Chemo often follows surgery. There are indications that some patients with breast cancer may benefit from pre-surgical chemo. It can help pinpoint the most effective post-surgical course of therapy.

Advanced Testing for Metastatic Breast Cancer: Women with breast cancer that has spread may benefit from the MSKIMPACT test. This allows doctors to test for a specific mutation and determine treatment accordingly. It improves “progression-free” survival.

Immunotherapy and Chemotherapy Combined: Women with triple-negative breast cancer may benefit from a new immunotherapy drug called “Atezolizumab.” It can halt the progression of cancer in many patients.

Engineered Drugs: Doctors have been able to deliver small doses of powerful medicines directly into cancer cells. These drugs “are showing great promise for cancers that have resisted other therapies.”

Shorter Chemo Cycles: Studies are showing that women who have shorter breaks between chemotherapy treatments have fewer recurrences and live longer. Keeping the same treatment but changing the schedule has produced excellent results.

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