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Treating and Avoiding Nausea Caused by Chemo and Radiation

Nausea is a common side effect of chemotherapy. Many cancer patients who get chemo also get one or more anti-nausea medications. They may get these medicines through an IV or in pill form. Sometimes they work, providing welcome relief from severe nausea and vomiting. When they do work, anti-nausea drugs can cause other problems like constipation and fatigue.

What can you do if you are nauseous from chemo and anti-nausea medicine does not work, or the side effects are intolerable? Are you destined to suffer? The good news is: Not necessarily!


Relieving Nausea Naturally

Have you considered trying something non-pharmaceutical to ease your discomfort? In an article on written by Alina Petre, MS, RD (CA), she provides readers with suggested ways to relieve nausea without medication.

  • Eat ginger
  • Try peppermint oil aromatherapy or peppermint tea
  • Acupuncture
  • Perform Acupressure or use wrist pressure bands
  • Control your breathing
  • Try some spices- cinnamon, fennel powder, cumin
  • Relax your muscles with a massage or progressive muscle relaxation exercises
  • Citrus aromatherapy


Ways to Keep Nausea at Bay

Everyone responds to chemotherapy differently, but nausea seems, by far, the most common side effect experienced by many patients with different cancers. It may be unavoidable. It may even be untreatable despite trying medication and homeopathic remedies.

Medical News Today suggests some other things you can try to alleviate or minimize nausea. These suggestions include:

  • Slowly sipping sports drinks
  • Eating protein, skipping carbs
  • Eating small snacks throughout the day
  • Avoiding spicy, fatty foods (try the BRAT diet-banana, rice, applesauce, toast)
  • Avoiding carbonated drinks
  • Sitting upright, not moving around too much
  • Trying not to bend or crunch your abdomen
  • Getting fresh air


Radiation and Chemotherapy Cause Nausea

Cancer patients who must undergo radiation or chemotherapy may be destined for some nausea. It is important to try to get it under control, so nausea does not result in severe vomiting. Vomiting can deplete the body of much-needed water, electrolytes, vitamins, and other things the body needs to stay healthy during cancer treatment. You and your doctor must discuss and decide on the best way to ensure you can tolerate these side effects of treatment.


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