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Coloring Helps Cancer Patients

coloring helps cancer patients

Cancer Patients Enjoy Health Benefits of Coloring Books

Coloring books for adults have become a bit of a craze in recent years. But, did you know that there are proven health benefits to coloring? Studies have shown that the act of coloring has a positive impact on the mind and body. For patients undergoing treatment for cancer, the impact of coloring can provide a variety of benefits to ease the physical and emotional symptoms of the disease.

Coloring Books Provide Anxiety Relief

It is clinically proven that coloring can relieve anxiety. Coloring has been used as part of therapy for individuals with stress, anxiety, and other mental health disorders such as depression. While stress and anxiety activate the left side of the brain, coloring involves the right. Keeping the right brain busy and engaged in calming, creative, artistic endeavors, can quiet the left and minimize stress and anxiety.

Coloring Can Boost Your Immune System

Cortisol is our bodies’ stress hormone. The more we feel stress, the more cortisol we make. Excess levels of cortisol can suppress our immune system. By reducing stress, you allow your body to produce less cortisol. Instead, the body can produce the white blood cells it needs to fight off illnesses.

Coloring is a proven stress reliever. Even coloring for a few minutes each day can reduce your stress and keep your immune system in top condition. For individuals undergoing cancer treatment, the immune system needs all the help it can get! Coloring is an enjoyable and proven way to help you stay healthy.

Coloring Can Help Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Everyone knows that using electronic devices before bed is not how to ensure a good night’s sleep. What better way to replace your phone or tablet than with a coloring book? A few minutes of coloring before bed can put you in a relaxed state and help you get more REM sleep.

Coloring can Help Reduce Cancer Symptoms

Sources say that coloring eases much of the stress involved in chemotherapy infusions and radiation treatments. It can combat feelings of anxiety, stress, worry, and fear. Some cancer centers, such as UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, offer coloring books to patients as part of their treatment, claiming it helps people maintain a positive outlook, crucial to recovering from cancer.

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