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5 Cancer Gift Ideas For Kids

child with cancer

Gift Ideas For Kids With Cancer

When a child has cancer, knowing what to do to help can be a challenge. Much of our help tends to go toward the parents and siblings of the child – assisting with childcare, providing meals for the family, running errands, carpooling, and more. These forms of help can allow caregivers to focus on their sick child and utilize any free time they find in ways that are meaningful. These types of assistance can also provide much-needed stability and distraction for the cancer patient’s siblings, who might be feeling afraid and confused by what is happening. A child undergoing cancer treatment always has a parent nearby. But, many children with cancer can’t socialize with friends and miss going to school, playing sports, and other “normal” activities. It can get lonely – even with facetime and other ways to visit virtually. It is important to let children battling cancer know that they are not alone and are in everyone’s thoughts. One way to make sure they feel loved and supported is by sending gifts they can enjoy as well as gifts that can help on their cancer journey. Items that bring comfort, physical relief, distraction, and emotional relief can go a long way towards helping a child with cancer feel well and stay positive. Here is a list of gift ideas for a child getting chemotherapy or radiation to treat cancer:

  1. Gift cards to shop online: A gift card for a sick child accomplishes several things at once. It lets them get exactly what they want or need and provides an activity. Kids love having money to spend and can really enjoy the process of scouring the Internet for fun purchases! Then they can look forward to their items arriving. Be sure to select gift cards from businesses that offer a variety of choices!
  2. Comfy clothes: Staying comfortable when you are sick is important. Kids with cancer can benefit from soft sweatshirts, super comfy PJs, sweatpants, or flannels. The child might have a port that might be uncomfortable or need frequent accessing, so keep that in mind when making your selection. Clothing that’s easy to get off and on, soft, and roomy can be perfect gifts for children with cancer.
  3. Cozy socks or other comfy footwear: Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments can make you cold. Cozy, warm socks or slippers can really help. A gift of multi-colored socks or silly slippers can brighten up even the worst treatment days for kids.
  4. Blankets: Comfortable, soft, warm, cozy blankets are a perfect gift for someone getting cancer treatments. They can provide warmth and security. Consider a weighted blanket which can also help ease anxiety and promote better sleep.
  5. Activities: Anything that can provide distraction or help with relaxation is probably a good gift. Consider purchasing a coloring book and crayons or colored pencils. Coloring is one activity that is proven to help cancer patients focus on something positive, reduce their anxiety, and improve feelings of happiness. Games to play with one other person, puzzle books, matching games, and word games are excellent ways to pass the time during treatments or while resting.

Send A Cancer Gift Basket To A Child With Cancer

At Rock the Treatment, we make it easy to let someone with cancer know you care and support them on their difficult journey. If someone you love has cancer, send a  children’s cancer gift basket from Rock The Treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation gift baskets are packed with the essentials needed to ease side effects of treatment, as well as enhance physical and mental well-being. See all of our cancer care packages and find the one that best supports their journey.  

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