Giving Gifts Makes Everyone Feel Good

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Giving Gifts To Others Has Benefits for Everyone

Whether we hear that someone is sick, having a rough time, getting a new job, or has another reason to celebrate, what is one of the first things we do? Most people ask, “How can I let someone know I care about this?” Whether you want to do something to make a sick person smile or recognize a happy occasion, many people gravitate toward giving a gift.


According to some research, expressing ourselves through gift-giving dates back thousands of years and has such deep roots that it might be engrained in our DNA.

At Rock the Treatment, we understand the need to express how much you care when someone in your life receives a cancer diagnosis. We make it easy for you to send a thoughtful and useful box of goodies that will make you and your friend or loved one feel better. Our healthy cancer gift boxes contain items that can help relieve the emotional and physical side effects of chemo or radiation for men, women, and children.
When you want to let someone know you care, send a cancer gift box from Rock the Treatment. It can actually help you feel better too.


When Did Humans Start Giving Gifts?

It is believed that gift-giving dates back to the days of cave-people. These primitive gifts, which may have been a nicely shaped piece of tree bark or a cool rock, were used as ways to show affection or status. As tools developed, gifts became more elaborate – people could create jewelry, for example, or carve things out of wood or stone.

In ancient Egypt, people often gave gifts to Pharaohs. Romans often gave each other gifts for good luck, a tradition that spread throughout Western civilization and still exists today.

In Medieval times, gift-giving was a common form of expression of allegiance to the king. Gift giving in the form of a wedding dowry was also quite popular, using cattle, coins, and other animals to give to the family of the betrothed. Remnants of these traditions can be found in modern societies across the globe.


Why Do People Give Gifts?

Part of the reason we send gifts is selfish, whether we realize this or not. Simply put, sending a gift to someone we care about makes us feel good. Research shows that giving gifts allows us to express ourselves in a thoughtful, meaningful way and that we benefit from knowing the recipient understands that when they open our gift.

Studies show that historically and today, these are some reasons people send gifts:

  • It makes us feel happy – When we gift a gift, we feel happy for the recipient and happier about ourselves.
  • It improves our mental state – Having a purpose, looking for the right gift, wrapping it, and sending it can improve your state of mind. Knowing you have made someone else happy also helps.
  • Gift-giving provides a social connection – Especially during the pandemic, social connections can be hard to feel. Sending gifts to someone to celebrate or let them know you care during an illness or other tough time can strengthen social connections for both of you.
  • Sending gifts encourages people to “pay it forward” – Research suggests that when you give and receive gifts, your brain releases endorphins, which contribute to the overall feeling of positivity and well-being. When you send a gift, you might start a chain of positivity that can result in the recipient giving to others. Your single act of kindness in the form of a gift can benefit people you don’t even know!

Sending gifts has potential benefits for everyone!


Rock the Treatment Makes it Easy to Send Gifts to Someone With Cancer

If you have a friend or loved one with cancer, sending a gift might be the best way to help you both cope with the diagnosis. Cancer treatments have physical and emotional side effects, and our cancer gift boxes contain items proven to offer relief from both. Our healthy cancer gift boxes are full of things that are sure to bring a smile to the face of someone getting treatment.

The added bonus is that YOU can feel better too. You can feel confident knowing your friend will love the gifts you sent, find them helpful, and be glad to know you are thinking about them. You can feel happy that you did something special to let them know you care about what they are going through and have them in your thoughts.


Call Rock the Treatment to Send Healthy Cancer Gift Boxes

If you know someone with cancer, a man, woman, or a child getting chemo or radiation, send a healthy cancer gift box to let them know you care. Call us at 516-690-7009 today to send one of our cancer gift boxes to someone you love who is getting cancer treatments.

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