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Helping Cancer Patients

helping cancer patients

How You Can Help Your Friends and Family Members With Cancer

We all know someone with cancer. It is more likely that we know several individuals battling this terrible disease. Yet, many people are unsure about how to provide support. What do cancer patients need? How much help is too much? Making the task even more difficult is that every patient tackles treatment differently. It is challenging to figure out the best way to be helpful.

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) suggests the following ways that friends and caregivers can offer meaningful help to their loved ones with cancer:

  1. Become a point person to coordinate volunteer efforts
  2. Research treatment options, doctors, and support resources
  3. Deliver nutrition-packed, easily digestible food and soups
  4. Provide childcare
  5. Run errands such as grocery shopping
  6. Do chores such as housecleaning and laundry
  7. Accompany them to treatments
  8. Visit them, so they do not feel isolated
  9. Pray with them and/or put them on a prayer list if this is appropriate
  10. Send fun, thoughtful gifts and cards

Letting a cancer patient know that they are not alone is the best thing you can do. Providing companionship, sending surprise gifts, and helping with everyday tasks can make a tremendous difference in the day of a person undergoing cancer treatment. The impact you can have just by doing these small things might surprise you.

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