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“I’m The One That’s Humbled”

thoughtful gifts for cancer patients | Rock the Treatment
Who knew making gift baskets for a company while working as a paralegal would turn into the most rewarding entrepreneurial career imaginable? Stacy Berkowitz was with a friend who had a double mastectomy, and she got a gift basket delivered to her home while recovering. Stacy happened to be there with her friend at the time, and she turned to her teary-eyed and said “Would you like to take this home?” Stacy looked around to the mountain of fruit baskets in her home, and suggested she give it to her family. But her friend looked at her and explained that part of the side effects of chemotherapy was nausea, and the fruit not only made her nauseous but also added to the sensitivity inside her mouth that she was getting from the treatments. Stacy felt horrible – her friend was supposed to be enjoying these beautiful expressions of love! This woman actually felt guilty for not appreciating these gifts and needing to give them away – can you imagine? In addition to her fighting for her life, trying to keep the kids’ morale up, grappling with work and everything else that goes along with this awful nightmare, it was not something Stacy felt her friend should be worrying about. So Stacy took the basket home and thought long and hard about how she could make her friend feel better. She went online and started to look for something to put together for her friend, something she could use to pamper her, to inspire her to get well. Like a good entrepreneur does, Stacy did her research – with phone calls to cancer survivors asking them what they went through and how she could help her friend and looking around for things she could find in stores to help or soothe her in some way. She put together a basket that not only had products that would be practical to use for her friend’s treatments but would also take care of her in ways she may not have thought of in addition to thoughtful notes to explain what everything was for. Stacy went back to her friend and gave her the first basket she made for a patient battling the nightmare of cancer and that, of course, led to “can you make me a basket for a friend?” from many others and she turned all the requests into her own company that she now calls “ROCK the Treatment” which ships baskets everywhere. Stacy puts in her baskets items like “Queasy Pops,” “Cozy Warm Socks” and Dionis Goat Milk Skincare, which is for the dry skin that chemo patients tend to get and doesn’t have a scent to those who are sensitive to smell, which is another side effect. The list goes on and on of thoughtful products for patients, both adult and children tailor-made strictly for patients with cancer. If that’s not enough, Stacy gives back to cancer organizations like “Hair We Share” which creates wigs for children with cancer, as well as other organizations that support cancer patients. Her thoughtful baskets empower and inspire people all over the country, and we’re proud to have Stacy as an integral part of Over 40 Females! Through Stacy’s experience, she was able to build Rock the Treatment – the perfect gift baskets for cancer patients. We’ve done the research and know ways to help them feel better and curated the gift baskets for men, women, and children so that you have the perfect gift for them. Visit our shop to find the perfect gift for your loved one.

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