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May Cancer Awareness

may cancer awareness

May Cancer Awareness Calendar

Every day of every month of every year, cancer affects the lives of people we know and love. Neighbors, friends, and family members receive new diagnoses, hear of people who become ill, and accompany individuals to cancer treatments.

Every month, the American Cancer Society and other organizations highlight specific types of cancer and focus on prevention and awareness of the chosen illnesses. There are educational opportunities, fundraising events, and other efforts made to spread the word about particular cancers.

May is Skin Cancer and Melanoma Awareness and Prevention Month

With Memorial Day around the corner and the entire country gearing up for warmer weather, it is no surprise that May is Skin Cancer Prevention Month. The American Cancer Society, along with a variety of other organizations, promote May as the month to learn about preventing skin cancer.

The month kicks off with “Melanoma Monday” on May 4, which is a day sponsored by the American Academy of Dermatology. “Don’t Fry Day” is May 22 and is sponsored by the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention.

During this month, these organizations provide information on their websites about ways to prevent and detect skin cancer, breakthroughs in treatments, and how to care for someone with skin cancer.

Other Cancer-Related Events in May

In addition to May being the month to focus on skin cancer, there are other designated events in May that are related to cancer and other health issues. Cancer.org lists these additional events:

  • National Women’s Health Week – May 10-16 sponsored by the Office on Women’s Health
  • National Cancer Research Month sponsored by the American Association for Cancer Research
  • World No Tobacco Day – May 31 sponsored by the World Health Organization

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) which provides information to the cancer research and advocacy website Cancer.net, adds the following events to the list of cancer events in May:

  • Bladder Cancer Awareness Month
  • Brain Tumor Awareness Month
  • Oncology Nursing Month
  • World Ovarian Cancer Day on May 8

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