Resolve to Conduct Self-Exams For Cancer

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Make A New Year’s Resolution To Perform Self-Examinations for Cancer

Millions of people are diagnosed with some type of cancer every year. There often is an extended “team” of family and friends helping and supporting each of those people. It is nearly impossible to find someone who has not been affected by this disease somehow.

It is important to remember that early detection can be a critical factor in the outcome of a cancer diagnosis. In many cases, early cancer detection can be the difference between life and death.

As we begin a new year, consider this resolution: “ I will learn about and perform regular self-examinations for cancer.” Taking a few moments every month to follow medical guidelines for self-examinations can save your life. This is one new year’s resolution that you should be able to keep with little effort.

Self-exams should never be a substitute for following the guidelines for recommended medical screenings. However, self-exams can be critical if you are not yet eligible for certain testing or are in between appointments. If you find something suspicious or unusual, call your doctor right away.


What Self Examinations Can You Do?

Women of all ages can consider performing regular (monthly) breast self-examinations to determine if there might be irregularities like lumps, skin changes, or discharge. Since men can also have breast cancer, men can also consider conducting self-examinations of their breasts. For more information on breast cancer and self-exams, go to

Men can perform monthly testicular self-exams. Testicular cancer is one of the most common cancers to affect men aged 15-34 and is almost always detected at home. Men should look and feel for things like lumps and swelling and feelings of discomfort.
For more information, go to

Doing an at-home skin check every month might help you detect skin cancers. You can check your entire body for unusual growths, moles, or spots and see a doctor if you see something new or suspicious. For more information go to


Educate Yourself About Cancer, Self-Examinations, And The Importance of Early Detection

Whether you decide to commit to self-exams or not, at least educate yourself on the importance of early detection when it comes to many cancers. Becoming familiar with your own body can be critical to noticing any changes that might occur. Speak to your doctor about anything you find that might be out of the ordinary. You can also make sure you know when you should have medical screenings for cancers such as colonoscopies, mammograms, and prostate exams.

Of course, not all changes mean cancer. But when they do, promptly seeking medical attention and treatment can make for an easier cancer journey and better outcome.


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