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Tag Archives: positivity & cancer

Natural Help for Cancer Patients

Rock the Treatment Cancer Gift Baskets Contain Natural Remedies for Treatment Side Effects For people [...]

Optimism is Good For Your Health

Is Optimism Good For Your Health? Apparently, yes! In an article published by the New [...]

Cultivating Hope When You Have Cancer

Cultivating Hope When You Have Cancer The Oxford Dictionary defines hope as “to entertain expectations [...]

Benefits Of Practicing Kindness

Why Kindness Matters A lot is going on in the world: War, climate change, economic [...]

Distraction Helps Cancer Patients Stay Positive

Helping Cancer Patients Stay Positive Can Help With Their Recovery It’s no secret that a [...]

Cancer and Humor – An Important Combination

Cancer and Laughter-An Important Combination Some of the biggest challenges facing us are finding new [...]