What Gifts Can Help Cancer Patients?

cancer patient gifts

What Gifts Can Help Your Friend with Cancer?

When someone receives a cancer diagnosis, their friends and neighbors often immediately spring into action.

  • What can we do?
  • How can we help?
  • What can we send?

These are often the first words out of someone’s mouth when they find out a person they care about has cancer. Close friends and family might help with meals, childcare, grocery shopping, carpooling, chores, or drive the patient to and from chemo or radiation.

But what about everyone else? The urge to help is strong when someone you know becomes sick and needs cancer treatments. How can community members, co-workers, or people out of town lend their support and assistance?

Sending gifts is an excellent way to let someone know you are thinking of them. At Rock the Treatment, our healthy cancer gift baskets can do even more.

Our chemo gift baskets and radiation gift baskets contain items specially selected to help cancer patients feel better- physically and emotionally. Our small, medium, and large cancer gift baskets contain healthy, useful items proven to ease things like anxiety, nausea, dry skin, and even stress. Call us today to learn more about sending our healthy cancer gift boxes.


What Gifts Do Cancer Patients Appreciate?

In a Verywell Health article, Courtney Preusse offers some suggestions on the types of gifts that might be appreciated by cancer patients. Consider the following categories when you want to know what gift to send to your loved one, friend, or co-worker with cancer.

Food-related gifts

You can send homemade meals, gift cards to the local supermarket, or have their favorite fancy restaurant send a delicious meal right to their door. Since many cancer treatments cause nausea and loss of appetite, give them options and allow them to enjoy your gift on their own time.

Gifts that entertain, teach or engage

Nothing beats a coloring book, puzzles, or a good comedy to take one’s mind off the stress of cancer. Having distractions close at hand can help cancer patients navigate difficult moments.

Gifts that can reduce stress

Cancer treatments put a lot of stress on the body and mind. Gifts that can reduce some of the emotional stress of cancer can provide health benefits. Consider gifts that encourage relaxation, renewal, and positivity.

Gifts that promote warmth

Chemotherapy and radiation can both make cancer patients sensitive to temperatures. They are often cold in environments that other people consider comfortable. This can be especially true if the person has lost the protection of their hair. Cancer patients can’t have too many pairs of fuzzy, cozy socks, cute hats, or comfy blankets! These gifts can also provide emotional comfort.

Gifts that convey your presence or support

Gifts of jewelry or tokens that are personal to you and your loved one or friends can help them feel your support when getting treatment or recovering at home. Personalized items that convey strength, hope, and friendship can provide much-needed support to someone when you can’t physically be present.

Gifts that help with physical side effects

Consider things that can help your friend combat the side effects of cancer treatments. Chemo and radiation can cause fatigue, nausea, mouth sores, dry skin, and more. They will appreciate gifts that might provide some relief from these problems.


Rock the Treatment Makes Cancer Gift Giving Easy

If you know someone with cancer, send a healthy cancer gift basket from Rock the Treatment. We make it easy for you to send something that is full of items proven to help cancer patients feel better. The items in our cancer gift baskets can ease the emotional and physical side effects of chemo and radiation while making the recipient feel loved and supported by you.

Call Rock the Treatment today at 516-690-7009 to send the perfect cancer gift basket.



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