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Why People Give Gifts


Rock the Treatment Has Gift Baskets That Let Friends With Cancer Know You Care

Gift giving is something we all do for a variety of reasons. It comes very naturally to some and causes a bit of stress for others. But, at the root of gift giving is the desire to make an emotional connection with someone – to express something to the recipient.

Giving a basket or box of gifts is often one of the most thoughtful ways to express yourself to someone. Sending a box containing a variety of items can lend support to whatever it is you are trying to say to the recipient. A basket containing a combination of items carefully curated can go a long way and letting the recipient know how important your message is and driving that message home.

At Rock the Treatment, we have gift boxes that can help you express to someone with cancer, that you care. Why send one thing when you can send a box full of thoughtful gifts?

Our chemo gift boxes and radiation gift boxes (for men, women, or children) contain items chosen specifically to help cancer patients combat emotional and physical side effects of treatment. Our cancer gift baskets have items that are useful, helpful, and make it clear to the recipient that you are thinking of them with love.

Reasons People Give Gifts

Let’s look at some specific reasons people give gifts and gift baskets.

Giving a gift to celebrate an occasion or event – Marking an occasion or event is a perfect time to give a gift. Some obvious ones? Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s day, Father’s day, other holidays, weddings, engagements, and graduations. But there are many more occasions you might want to commemorate with a gift such as when someone purchases their first home or gets a great new job.

Giving a gift to express your love – You don’t have to have an occasion to send a gift. Many people use gift-giving as a way to show their love or the importance of a friendship with someone. Giving a thoughtful gift is an excellent way to let someone know with sincerity that you care about them.

Giving a gift to say “thank you” – Gifts are a great way to express gratitude to someone who helped you with something, or did you a favor. Thank-you gifts tend to be deeply appreciated by the recipients who likely acted with no expectation of such a lovely gesture.

Apologizing with a gift – Saying you are sorry for making a mistake or doing something hurtful does not always do the trick. When it doesn’t, the right gift can help. Picking an appropriate gift can express to the recipient that you are truly sorry for hurting them when words alone are insufficient.

Giving gifts to keep in touch – In today’s world, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, we can’t always be with the people who are important to us. Sending gifts can be a great way to keep in touch and remind people that you care. Every time they see or use your gift, they will know you are thinking of them and care enough to do something special.

Giving a gift to show appreciation – Giving a gift is a nice way to show someone you appreciate having them in your life or appreciate their hard work. An appreciation gift is something that you might choose carefully, picking something you know will make the recipient feel important. An appreciation gift might be thought of as a “no real reason” gift. It is often just a reminder to someone that they matter (which might be the one of the most important gift-giving reasons of all!)

Giving a gift to help someone – Giving a gift to help someone has multiple benefits for both the recipient and the gift-giver. Sometimes, you want to provide assistance to someone who needs it but perhaps can’t do it in person for some reason. Giving gifts in this situation can get help to the person who needs it while also letting them know you care. It can also put your mind at ease knowing you provided practical help as well as emotional support.

Rock the Treatment Makes Gift Giving Easy

At Rock the Treatment, we understand that there are times you might want to give a gift that can serve multiple purposes. Our cancer gift boxes do that.

At Rock the Treatment, we make it easy to let someone with cancer know you care and support them on their difficult journey. If someone you love has ovarian cancer or any other type of cancer, send a helpful cancer gift basket from Rock The Treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation gift baskets are packed with the essentials needed to ease side effects of treatment, as well as enhance physical and mental well-being. See all of our cancer care packages and find the one that best supports their journey.


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