How Rock the Treatment Became In Tune With the Needs of Cancer Patients

When a close friend was diagnosed with cancer, I was heart-broken. I felt helpless, but hoped upon visiting her after her first chemo treatment might shed light on what I could do to support her. First, I recognized how distressed she was. And then I noticed her table; it was overflowing with beautiful fruit bouquets and relaxation gifts. When another gift of fruit arrived, I tried to lighten the mood, and asked if she planned to open a fruit stand. She tried to muster a smile and then muttered, “Would you mind moving these gifts into the other room?”

As I hurried over, she confided in me that the scent was making her nauseous. She said she felt guilty because friends and family spent time and money to send gifts as a show of their love and support. And the last thing she wanted was to seem unappreciative.

I hadn’t known that a possible side effect of chemotherapy is a heightened sensitivity to smell. The scent of fruit and bath and body products permeated the air, and while I enjoyed the fragrance, it was making her sick. What’s worse is that I realized I’ve sent similar gifts in the past.

I was determined to find my friend a gift that would be beneficial. After hours of research, I’d come across only a few specialized baskets. Having been in the gift basket business for years, I immediately noticed how unappealing and depressing they looked. I just couldn’t bring myself to send them to my friend who clearly needed a pick me up!

At that moment, I decided to make a brightly colored empowering basket filled with products that would actually help my friend. In addition to conducting research, I solicited information from medical personnel, cancer survivors and caregivers, as to the types of things cancer patients may need to get through their cancer journey.

Armed with that information, I created a basket filled with products to ease side effects of chemotherapy. I couldn’t wait to give it to my friend.

When she started sifting through to find item after item that her doctor recommended she have on hand throughout treatment, she became overcome with emotion. She couldn’t believe how well thought out it was. It included things that would help her physically and mentally.  And she commented on how the vibrant cancer care package  was so uplifting (Since then she cleared 10 years and is cancer free). 

It was after I came to recognize that there is a way to actually help our loved ones undergoing cancer treatments, that I decided I wanted to enable others to feel helpful vs helpless. And that’s how Rock the Treatment was born.

We have grown quite a bit in our short history as a business and are incredibly honored to have been chosen by so many people to empower over 25,000 people with cancer to Rock the Treatment.  

 Our sincere hope is that one day in the near future we will be out of business because no one will need our cancer gift baskets.

Until that day comes, we are here to support you, so you can support your friends and family.

The over 18 billion people estimated to be living with cancer in our thoughts and prayers.  And please know that the gift notes you write for your loved one to be included in the gift box, along with the stories you share with us personally, motivate us to continue our supportive efforts, and inspire us to be grateful for every day. That’s why they call it the present, because it truly is a gift.

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