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Rock the Treatment Cancer Health Organizer

What is the Cancer Health Organizer?

The essential tool to track and record your ongoing cancer treatments, well-being and care.

Inside are prompts enabling you to keep an accurate and detailed record of the what, where, when and why of your health. From insurance and doctor contact information, to medications, side effects, appointments, questions and more, all of the pertinent information you and your health care providers need is in one place.

How Do I Use It?

–   After downloading it, you can print, and even put all of the pages in a binder. 

–   If you lose or ruin any papers, you can reprint any of the pages. And there’s no limit to how many times you do it!

–   Type directly into the organizer, and upload relevant documents,

–   Remember, you can easily duplicate pages, and even create new ones. Hopefully, this is just one more thing that makes our cancer gifts a #1 hit!

Logging your health in this effective and efficient way provides you with more time to focus on yourself so you can Rock the Treatment. 

How Can I Get Started?

Just type the password you were given, and in no time at all, you’ll get in the groove of recording your cancer journey.

Share Your Thoughts & Help Us Help Others

Are you a fan of our exclusive Cancer Health Organizer? Email us We welcome your feedback as we are always striving to support you in the best possible way.


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