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Category Archives: Living With Cancer

Why Care About Skin Cancer?

Now is The Perfect Time to Discuss Skin Cancer Summer is always a good time [...]

Distraction Helps Cancer Patients Stay Positive

Helping Cancer Patients Stay Positive Can Help With Their Recovery It’s no secret that a [...]

Coping With A Cancer Diagnosis

Coping With A Cancer Diagnosis Everyone reacts to cancer differently. It is a scary diagnosis, [...]

Cancer Affects Men and Women Differently

Cancer Might Affect Men and Women Differently, But Everyone Needs Support Rock the Treatment has [...]

Cancer Survivors Celebrating Life

Who is a Cancer Survivor? Did you know that someone is considered a “cancer survivor” [...]

Coping With Cancer and Depression

Cancer and Coping With Depression A cancer diagnosis can change everything for the patient and [...]

Managing the Side Effects of Cervical Cancer Treatments

How Can You Ease the Side Effects of Treatments for Cervical Cancer? Like many cancers, [...]

What Can You Do When Cancer Causes Depression?

If someone close to you has cancer, you already know how difficult it can be [...]

Staying Healthy During and After Cancer

Caregivers Can Help Cancer Patients and Survivors Stay Healthy If you are a cancer caregiver, [...]

Skin Cancer Facts

Skin Cancer Facts: Education Can Save Your Life Did You Know? One in every five [...]