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Category Archives: Supporting Cancer Patients

Being a Cancer Caregiver

Being a Cancer Caregiver When a person you love gets a cancer diagnosis, your world [...]

Ways to Help Your Friend With Cancer

Helping A Person With Cancer One of life’s most difficult challenges is finding out that [...]

Cancer Affects Men and Women Differently

Cancer Might Affect Men and Women Differently, But Everyone Needs Support Rock the Treatment has [...]

Women With Breast Cancer Rely on Friends For Support

Breast Cancer Affects Millions of Women Breast cancer is something that brings women together. Why? [...]

Cancer and Humor – An Important Combination

Cancer and Laughter-An Important Combination Some of the biggest challenges facing us are finding new [...]

10 Tips for Cancer Caregivers

Cancer Caregivers Need Support Being a caregiver to a family member with cancer can be [...]

Do’s and Don’ts When Your Friend Has Cancer

What to Do and What NOT to do When Your Friend Has Breast Cancer The [...]

Tips for Caregivers of Prostate Cancer Patients

Helping Caregivers and Patients During National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month September is, among other things, [...]

Helping Melanoma Patients

When Your Loved One is Diagnosed With Melanoma, it Causes a Variety of Emotional and [...]

Making Cancer Patients Happy

Texas Cancer Center Collects Suggestions on How to Help a Friend With Cancer MD Anderson [...]