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Cancer Patients Safer Spring And Summer Activities

cancer patients spring and summer activities

Tips For Cancer Patients: Have a Safer Spring and Summer

For many Americans, Covid-19 and all of its variants feel like a thing of the past. All around the country, the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike are living life as they normally would. Many people no longer work from home, wear masks, or avoid crowds.
Thankfully, even though people are still getting covid, the hospitalization and death rates are lower than they once were.

However, for those with compromised immune systems, Covid-19 remains an ever-present concern. Contracting Covid-19 when you have a compromised immune system can cause severe and even deadly complications.

People getting chemotherapy or radiation therapy fall into this category. Chemo and radiation make cancer patients susceptible to all sorts of unwelcome illnesses that can adversely affect their health, even preventing them from getting the cancer treatment they need.

These past few years have been extra-hard for people with cancer and other diseases that compromise their immune systems. Enduring treatments alone, feeling afraid to be around family members and friends, and being stuck inside during cold winters are just some of the trials and tribulations cancer patients have had to experience in addition to battling their illness.

Get Outside – Spring Is Here!

Warmer weather and longer days mean you have more opportunities to do things you enjoy more safely.

Being outside in fresh air is not only good for your immune system – it can make it less likely you will catch something from the people around you.

Always follow your doctor’s recommendations when it comes to protecting your health. Before embarking on an activity, ask what is and is not safe for you, if you should wear a mask, if you must social distance, and anything that might be important to your well-being.

Outdoor activities that don’t involve large crowds are ideal for individuals with compromised immune systems. Here are some suggested ways to safely enjoy your time this Spring and Summer:

Walk or Hike

Taking a walk or doing some hiking are wonderful ways to enjoy the outdoors. The exercise can be good for your physical health, but it is also a proven way to boost your mood and improve your mental health.

Take a Short Road Trip

Getting in the car for the day to visit a favorite picnic spot, park, garden, or scenic overlook, can be a great way to enjoy yourself without being in a crowd. Open the windows for some fresh air and put your favorite songs on the radio for an even better experience!

Visit the Beach

Take an umbrella to your favorite beach early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the crowds are thinner and the sun is less strong. There is almost nothing more relaxing or soothing than sitting on a beach, breathing in the fresh air, and listening to the movement of water.

Try Gardening

Many people find joy in planting something and tending to its progress. Gardening gets you outside and focuses your mind on something other than your illness. Most people do their gardening alone but don’t feel lonely in the process. In fact, many people who enjoy gardening report feelings of deep connection during the time they spend tending to their plants.

Depending on how big a project you want, you can nurture flowers, plant an herb garden, or grow some vegetables. The process and the end result can be highly satisfying.

Learn to Fish

Fishing offers another way to spend time doing something outside that is fun and relaxing and unlikely to attract a large crowd. Many people enjoy fishing from the shore, a pier, or the banks of a pond, whether or not they catch anything. The quiet, the repetitive motion, and the fresh air can be quite soothing for the soul.

However you choose to spend your time this Spring and Summer, if you are outdoors- don’t forget your sunscreen and water!

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