Celebrate Safely by Sending Our Healthy Cancer Gift Box

healthy cancer gift box

When You Can’t See Someone in Person Send Our Healthy Cancer Gift Boxes To Someone, You Love This Holiday

No one likes to be reminded that the holidays this year might be different. For people with cancer, Covid-19 has presented new challenges to what can already be a stressful time.
If you have a loved one or friend with cancer, your visits this year might be limited. Thanks to Rock the Treatment, you can still send a gift that is thoughtful and helpful.

At Rock the Treatment, we offer a selection of healthy cancer gift boxes with items carefully selected with the cancer patient in mind. Our boxes contain items designed to ease the physical and side effects of radiation or chemotherapy, items that can bring joy to anyone’s holiday.

Call Rock the Treatment at 516-690-7009 to learn more about sending our healthy cancer gift boxes.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Offers Suggestions to Have Healthy and Happy Holidays

Covid-19 has resulted in new rules, warnings, and precautions that are unprecedented in modern history. As of November 27, 2020, there have been more than 1 million cases of Covid-19 reported in the US. The CDC has suggested that the safest way to celebrate the holidays this year is to do so on a smaller scale, only with the people in your immediate household.

This might be especially true for anyone in the high-risk category of complications from Covid-19.

People with cancer and people getting chemotherapy or radiation could be in this category as they often have compromised immune systems. Before deciding what to do about your holidays, check the CDC website and/or speak to your doctor.

The CDC offers these suggestions everyone can consider before deciding whether to get together with anyone to celebrate the holidays:

  • The levels of Covid-19 in the community
  • Any exposure created by traveling to the gathering
  • Whether the gathering is inside, outside, or ventilated
  • How long the gathering will last
  • The number of people at the gathering
  • How far apart the people are
  • The behavior of the people at the gathering prior to attending
  • The behavior of the people during attendance
  • The presence of food and manner of foodservice and consumption
  • Mask-wearing protocol
  • Availability of handwashing stations and sanitizer

Digital Visits and Online Shopping Can Make Your Holiday Safer

Despite what might be restricted holiday celebrations this year, there are still ways you can make this season enjoyable and meaningful. Zoom, Microsoft teams, google hang, and countless other opportunities to “see” people abound. Take advantage of these safer ways you can spend valuable time with loved ones.

There has never been a better time to utilize online shopping. You can patronize small businesses or large ones, local or international. You can find endless ways to provide thoughtful and appropriate gifts for your loved ones without risking your health or safety.

Call Rock the Treatment to Send Healthy Cancer Gift Boxes This Holiday

If someone you know and love has cancer, he or she might not be getting out much during the holidays. We have a perfect way for you to show someone with cancer that you care this holiday season.

Rock the Treatment offers a selection of healthy cancer gift boxes for people undergoing cancer treatment.

We have:

  • Cancer gift boxes for men getting chemo or radiation
  • Cancer gift boxes for women getting chemo or radiation
  • Cancer gift boxes for children getting chemo or radiation

Our boxes contain items selected because they are proven to help ease the physical and emotional side effects of cancer treatments. You can’t go wrong sending a Rock the Treatment Cancer Gift Box.

Call us today at 516-690-7009 to learn more about Rock the Treatment’s Healthy Cancer Gift Boxes.


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