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Mastectomy Care Package


Free Gift Included!

Each purchase includes a FREE end of chemo treatment celebration gift.



Supporting you and loved ones everywhere.


  • Mastectomy Gift Basket boasts over 15 useful items.
  • Comes in a vibrant 12″ x 10″ x 8″ reusable box with magnetic closure.
  • Contains a personal note printed in color on quality card stock.
  • No harsh fragrances, parabens or phthalates in skin products.
  • Includes a color sheet describing each product and its purpose.


  • No branding on the outside of the shipping or gift boxes.
  • No mention of cancer in our gifts.
  • No packing slips or invoices included.
  • No need for you or your loved one to shop for items doctors suggest, saving time.


  • We provide timely personal responses to calls, chats & emails.
  • We do our best to accommodate special requests. Contact us.
  • We offer substitute items for sugar free, gluten free & oral cancer patients. Contact us.
  • We lovingly pack each gift with heartfelt attention to detail.


  • Each cancer care package purchase includes a free end of treatment gift. For details about our “I Rock’d the Treatment” celebratory bell, click here.
  • A portion of the proceeds from your order supports cancer organizations & patients.
  • Choose to donate toward care packages for cancer patients in need.


Post Surgery Wearable Pillow

This is the best post surgery pillow!! Unlike most, this comes with an elastic and adjustable shoulder and back strap so it will stay snug while the wings' flexible flaps support your arms and protect your incisions. It conveniently includes 5 pockets for ice-packs, drain bags, & smartphones. It is a soft cushion that prevents your chest from being crushed by affectionate pets or children trying to sit on your ...

Hot/Cold Packs

Providing localized relief with either a warm or cool touch, these packs can be used in the pockets of our pillow for relief from swelling. Chill in the freezer and let the cold therapy treat injuries or warm in the microwave and apply to whatever part the body needs.

Drainage pouch Belt

The fully adjustable belt is designed to help hold the drain bottles safely and securely after undergoing cancer surgery. It will help you heal and recover more quickly with less mess or discomfort.

Drainage Shower Bag

When you get the okay to shower, this handy bag allows you to shower more easily and comfortably. It is an easy lightweight, comfortable way to hold your drains. It is easy to clean and dries quickly.

Mastectomy Health Organizer (PDF)

It can be hard to keep track of all the information that you get about your diagnosis and treatment. But keeping this information organized can help you feel less stressed and more prepared to talk with your doctor. The organizer can be printed and kept in a 3-ring binder to take along to your appointments or you fill it out online and upload your documents for a digital record that ...


Travel Brush & Mirror

After surgery sometimes just getting to the couch can be daunting. This compact brush with mirror is great to keep next to you so you can spruce up in case you get a visit from friends or family members.

Facial/Body Cleansing Wipes

Post surgery often patients are not allowed to shower for the first 7-10 days. How can you Shower Without Taking a Shower? Having these all natural wipes handy will help you feel fresh and clean. Also there’s no risk of splashes or drips, These wipes are light, refreshing and soothing

Deodorant Wipes

The last thing you are going to want to do is try and shove a stick of deodorant under your arms after your mastectomy. These all natural lovely scented wipes really come in handy because the whole post-op area is going to be very sensitive and tender so you don’t have to raise your arms to get the bottle of deodorant under your arms.

Dry Shampoo

After surgery showering is off limits for awhile. And lifting your arms may be difficult. Dry shampoo can really help renew your hair. It adds great body, and hair can be easily styled helping you to feel like yourself.

Waterless Tooth Brush

After surgery, sometimes the littlest thing can be a big effort. Just getting off the couch is a lot of work. These disposable toothbrushes do not require water or toothpaste. So from the comfort of your bed or favorite chair you can brush and feel clean and fresh.


lip balm chemo gift basket

Dionis Goat Milk Lip Balm

Repair chapped lips and keep moisture in with paraben free beeswax lip balms infused with goat milk, shea butter and coconut oil. Keep lips feeling soft and hydrated even longer with this lip balm that is twice the standard size. (scents vary)
goat milk cream chemo gift basket

Dionis Goat Milk Skin Cream

Nourish skin and prevent moisture loss with rich, creamy unscented goat milk cream. Goat’s milk has a pH remarkably similar to human skin, and is naturally chock full of vitamins, lipids and triglycerides to fortify skin and prevent moisture loss. We chose unscented lotion since chemotherapy patients are often sensitive to smell. (3.3 oz)
chemo gift basket dry mouth lozenges

Dry Mouth Lozenges

Relieve dry mouth, a common side effect of chemo, with these delicious all-natural, sugar free lozenges, without the bitter aftertaste. Created to increase saliva production, they are #1 Doctor (and Dentist) recommended solution for dry mouth. Dairy free, Gluten free, Nut free, Kosher.
puzzles cancer gifts

Puzzles & Brain Teasers

Stimulate your brain and redirect your focus with a puzzle book, such as crosswords, sudoku or word search. Each softcover book contains 40 to 50 puzzles with varying levels of difficulty - and answers in the back. (puzzle types vary)


It’s generally advisable to avoid items with restrictive or tight fits, especially around the surgical area. Additionally, fragrant products or those with strong scents might be best avoided as some individuals may be sensitive during the healing process. Always consider the individual’s preferences and any specific guidelines provided by their healthcare team when choosing gifts.
Gifts for mastectomy patients should prioritize comfort and emotional support. Consider items such as post-surgery clothing like button-up shirts, soft blankets, pillows for added comfort, and practical items like scar care products, drainage belts, and mastectomy pillows. Thoughtful gestures, such as handwritten notes or a supportive care package, can also bring comfort during the recovery process.
Opt for gentle and hypoallergenic skincare products that are suitable for sensitive post-surgery skin. Unscented lotions, scar creams, or products specifically designed for scar care can be thoughtful choices. Always check with the patient or their healthcare team regarding any restrictions or recommendations for skincare during the recovery period.

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Deb D.

Excellent package

The Rock the Treatment package was great during recovery from my surgery. The pillow was especially helpful because it protected me from the pets and kiddos in my home who wanted to keep hugging and laying with me. I could safely get in some snuggles while recovering. The soft socks are also lovely and comfortable, and the ice packs were super convenient.



Deb, we are so happy that you found the mastectomy care package helpful and that you LOVED the pillow. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. Blessings on your journey.