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Tips to Prepare For Cancer Treatments

If you are new to chemotherapy, you are probably unsure about what to expect. Whether you are the patient or the “chemo buddy,” being prepared can ease some of the anxiety and boredom that are often linked to getting cancer treatments.

Most chemotherapy treatments take several hours and involve multiple infusions. There is often quite a lot of “downtime.” During this time, you might get to indulge in a long nap. However, you might find that chemo treatment presents an opportunity to accomplish some simple tasks or to spend quality time enjoying the company of someone you love.

Bringing Items To Cancer Treatments Helps Patients in Many Ways

In an article from January 2020, Verywell Health offered some tips on things to bring to chemotherapy that can help optimize your experience. We are happy to share some of their suggestions with you here.

  • A bag or box- designate a “chemo bag” or ”chemo box” to prepare in advance of each treatment. This way, everything you need will be in one place and ready to go.
  • Medical records, insurance information, and a list of your questions
  • A journal- studies show that writing about your experiences can help alleviate stress.
  • It can also help you to process your thoughts and feelings. When cancer patients write in a journal, it can also help combat the cognitive changes that chemo causes. You can also use a journal to document medical information and experiences.
  • A pillow and blanket- chemo can make you cold and uncomfortable. Many chemo centers offer heated blankets and pillows. Having your own, however, can provide added comfort.
  • A hat or scarf- If you have lost your hair, wearing a wig to chemo can be cumbersome.
  • Bring a headscarf or your favorite hat instead to keep you warm and comfy.
  • Activities like coloring books, games, an iPad, phone, or laptop. You might not feel like engaging in these activities, but you should have them with you just in case. Chemo might be a time during which you catch up with friends, binge something on Netflix, or pay your online bills. You might enjoy the distraction of having something to concentrate on besides your cancer.
  • Personal items-chemotherapy and comfy socks go hand in hand. Be sure to put a pair in the bag. What else should you have with you for chemotherapy?
    • Lip balm
    • hand sanitizer
    • tissues
    • lotion medications
    • sucking candies to ease nausea
    • snacks
    • drinks like ginger ale (or whatever works for you) that can help you combat nausea.

Hopefully, treatment will be uneventful. Whether it is you or a friend who is getting chemotherapy, being prepared can help things go smoothly.

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