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10 Thoughtful Gifts for Cancer Patients

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Speaking to Someone who Knows: You Can Help Your Friend with Cancer

Since her cancer diagnosis more than three years ago LB has received more gifts than anyone I know. Her close-knit community, relatives, and friends have showered her and her family with an endless parade of meals, favors, and presents. As LB often expresses, she feels lucky to be surrounded by special people who are always on hand to help, no matter what she, her kids, or her husband need. “I could not get through this without them all,” LB told me.

Staying Positive Through Cancer Treatment

Our conversation, which took place during one of LB’s bi-monthly chemo treatments, was light-hearted and interesting, made so mostly by LB’s frequent laughter and openness. Our talk was punctuated by frequent visits from a variety of nurses and staff members “checking in” to see how LB was, to which she always replied “Good enough!” LB never failed to ask them about recent events in their lives such as weddings and holiday plans, listening with pure enthusiasm to their answers. Although not my original intention, I decided that what I wanted to know from LB was how she remains so positive during her cancer treatments. I was especially interested because her treatment began over three years ago and after several surgeries, chemotherapy, trials and more, she smiles, engages, and laughs far more than most. Some of this, LB told me is just her personality. She has always been easygoing and happy. She “chooses happiness” she said and doesn’t “really know any other way.” LB added with smile, “The gifts help too! Seriously, they do!”

Top 10 Thoughtful Gifts for Cancer Patients

I asked LB what gifts in particular have helped her the most through her ordeal. She responded that it has primarily been people who have helped her stay positive and strong, especially those who accompany her to her all treatments. She always has one of a select few friends with her during chemo. As for material things, anything that provides comfort or distraction, two things that she said are essential to enduring treatment with positivity, are her favorites. 

Small, warm, super-soft blankets or pillows

Blankets make excellent gifts for cancer patients for several compelling reasons. Firstly, they provide physical comfort during treatment and recovery, as hospitals and treatment centers can often be chilly. A soft, warm blanket can offer a soothing sense of coziness. Secondly, blankets offer emotional comfort, providing a feeling of security and familiarity during a time of uncertainty. They can be a tangible reminder of your care and support.

Soft joggers/sweatpants

Joggers can be an excellent gift for cancer patients for several reasons. They prioritize comfort with their loose, stretchy fit, making them ideal for individuals recovering from surgery or undergoing treatment. Joggers offer comfort, functionality, and a touch of normalcy, making them a thoughtful and practical gift for cancer patients.

Coloring book sand colored pencils

 Going through cancer treatment is a long and arduous process. This cancer gift idea is a great way to help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. It is a fun, creative and enjoyable way to pass the time. And is great for any gender and age.

Meditation music/exercises

An gifts that provide an activity and helps distract patients for even a limited amount of time is a great gift and mediation and exercise in particular keep both the body and the mind active.

Soft, warm socks

There is nothing more comfortable than soft, warm socks. Cancer patients often struggle with dry, itchy skin and anything that can help provide comfort makes a great gift.


Lavender’s soothing aroma is known for its calming effect, which can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and insomnia—common emotional challenges for cancer patients. 

A tray with legs for eating and drinking or using the computer or iPad in bed (or on the couch)

Gifts that provide a functional use for cancer patients are a great idea and can allow them to stay busy even while in bed.

A weighted blanket

A weighted blanket’s gentle pressure provides a calming sensation, promoting relaxation and better sleep quality. Secondly, these blankets can offer physical comfort, helping to alleviate discomfort and aches commonly associated with cancer treatments and recovery. Lastly, a weighted blanket serves as a constant reminder of your care and consideration, providing comfort and emotional support during a challenging journey. Overall, it’s a comforting and nurturing gift that addresses both the physical and emotional needs of cancer patients.

Ginger candy or other items that help with nausea

Ginger has well-documented anti-nausea properties, which can help alleviate chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. Ginger chews provide a convenient and natural way to combat these side effects, offering relief and comfort during treatment. Other gifts like anti-nausea wristbands offer another option for fighting off nausea.

Soft hats or head coverings

Cold weather can pose discomfort for those experiencing thinning hair and chemotherapy-related hair loss. Cancer patients often experience many ups and downs in body temperature while going through chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Warm hats, scarves, and bandanas can help.

Contact Us For Gifts That Help Cancer Patients

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