“I’m The One That’s Humbled”

Who knew making gift baskets for a company while working as a paralegal would turn [...]

Donate Hair to Help Cancer Patients

I have always been the type of person that will do anything I can to [...]

Featured in LI Womans Magazine February 2016

https://issuu.com/longislandwoman/docs/february16issuu/9 [...]

Did You Know 90% Of Cancer is Not Only Lifestyle Related, But Environmental?!

Did you know 90% of cancer is not only lifestyle related,but environmental! Your home can [...]

Eating to Eliminate and Fight Disease

IS FOOD THE NATURAL FARM-ACY? I’m not a doctor. In fact, I am not affiliated with [...]

What Should I Say To Someone With Cancer?

You’re not alone if you don’t know what to say to someone who has cancer. Most [...]

Gratitude This Holiday Season

Like many people, (especially women), I tend to obsess about things. All the things that [...]

Featured in Milieu Magazine Fall 2013